The symposium.

The final part of the threefold event 'Under the Landscape' will be a 4day symposium (17 – 20 June 2020) specifically addressed to young scholars and researchers, that will be hosted in the historical monastery Panagia Kera (Monastery of Assumption Day) in the South edge of Therasia, at Cape Tripiti. This symposium will attempt to critically discuss the widely spread notion of ‘landscape’ which today seems to be established as a key—concept in various discussions regarding the possible futures of built environment. On the one hand, the notion provides a common ground for various fields of knowledge to come together in dialogue and on the other, often blurring the lines between essentially divergent perspectives and visions of the human world.

The contrast between the ethical and the aesthetical approach as described by philosopher Karsten Harries in his work The ethical function of architecture (The MIT Press) is suggested as a possible way of disentangling this complex issue. The contradictory relation between overexploited Santorini and neglected Therasia also, serves as a starting point for discussing different modes of engaging with cultural landscapes and alternative forms of development. 



Under The Landscape

27 – 30 April 2022


Call for papers.

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