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Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Boulouki invites you to the presentation of 'Under the Landscape' program at the Athens School of Fine Arts, on Friday 20th of May, at 7 pm, De Chirico Hall, 256 Piraeus, Ag. I. Rentis.

'The project 'Under the Landscape', which takes place in Therasia and Santorini, is the meeting point of contemporary sculpture and traditional architecture, as well as the field of cooperation of a group of students and teachers of ASKT and the interdisciplinary collective Boulouki.

✦There will be a premiere screening of the short film for the participatory work Under The Landscape: Part II - created by the photographer and director Yorgos Kyvernitis. Yorgos followed Boulouki during the participatory project for two months, last August and September, in Therasia. He recorded the professional apprenticeship for young craftsmen, with instructors and apprentices from Therasia, Santorini and other regions of Greece (part I) and the hands-on workshop unfolded in two directions: the traditional building techniques and the contemporary sculpture (part II).

✦Giouli Stylianidou, Grigoris Koutropoulos, Ioanna Ntoutsi, Ionas Sklavounos, Maria Chassioti and Panagiotis Kostoulas will discuss about ‘Under the Landscape' Project.

✦19: 00 - Premiere of the short film 'Under the Landscape' Part II

✦20: 00 - Presentation and discussion

✦21: 00 - 'Under the Landscape' Crowdfunding Party with friends, partners and supporters

Join us!

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