Under The Landscape

From 28 April 2022


3 Stages.

During the course of the 'Symposium Under the Landscape', a series of visual art exhibitions and other cultural events will be hosted, primarily in the Monastery of Assumption Day. More specifically, the monastic cells and forecourt will stage diverse visual installations, designed in reference to the unique character of Thera and Therasia.


An exhibition of sculptural artworks created from undergraduate students of the Athens School of Fine Arts (ASFA) during the 12-day workshop.


Representations | Various depictions of the theran landscape over the centuries creating a source for understanding the social and cultural dynamics that shape(d) it.

Studies | Research studies conducted at the beginning of the 20th century by the Technical Chamber of Greece, the National Technical University of Athens and industrial and scientific partners of the era reveal a great scientific interest over the exploitation of 'theran earth' both as a mineral resource and as a valuable historical source for the evolution of scientific knowledge.

Artefacts | Οbjects of everyday life and folklore demonstrate the distinct history of the area; from the labor of production to customs and rituals.


​Throughout the 3-day Symposium, selected film productions are  going to be screened in order to trigger a discourse over the past and future of Thera and Therasia. 

As a whole, the proposed cultural activities explore the landscape transformations in the passage of time, the endorsement of participatory work within communities and the potent dialogue between cultural heritage and contemporary art creation.