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Covid Safety Policy

'Under the Landscape' sets cultural heritage in the vanguard of the current sanitary, socioethical and economic crisis, as part of an holistic approach towards addressing the challenges triggered by the pandemics.


Within the framework of the Covid-19 situation, 'Boulouki' focuses on the safety of the local community and all people engaged in the project, by adopting a solid protection policy as described below:


  • The dates for all planned activities have been assigned based on the forecast that at this time their conduction will not be obstructed by official measures. In any case, our team is alert for any modifications that may be needed and  in constant communication with the local authorities, the project’s associates and supporters.

  • All activities and restoration work will be conducted outdoors and will be apportioned into small groups of participants.


  • There will be full compliance with all official measures that may be in force during the project implementation, such as wearing protective masks and gloves and physical distancing.


  • The expenses for rapid Covid-tests for all participants and associates prior to their arrival to the island will be covered by our team, if testing is imposed by the current official policy.


It is important to point out that based on the above Covid policy, our team organised successfully and safely a Participatory Stone Masonry Workshop in Aristi (west Zagori), between August 24th and September 13th 2020.  Our workshop was beneficial not only for its contribution towards appreciation and protection of the cultural heritage, but also because it empowered the local society and economy by mitigating the adverse effects of the pandemic.

We believe that only by facing the future with optimism and determination and by planning with the necessary precautions, may the society recover and heal the open and hidden wounds induced by the pandemics. The personal and collective benefits of initiatives like 'Under the Landscape' reflect the very essence of the term 'health', as defined by the WHO as  a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.’

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